Assam 2nd Flush

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Assam tea is grown along the flat plains of the region, making it quite unique in comparison to the mountain teas produced elsewhere in the country. The result is a rich, malty, dense tea that will impress tea lovers. 

Grading: STGFOP1

From the master
This tea comes from a different family of the common tea tree plant. The plant Camellia Sinensis Assamica was found growing in the wild of the plains in Assam. Assam is a state located in the north east region of India and shares a border with the state West Bengal where Darjeeling tea is grown. This wild tea plant was cultivated in the 1850s and is now grown on the plains of Assam. The plant is more robust and less aromatic and so it grows better on the plains than on mountainsides and tends to produce a stronger (and therefore less delicate) flavour. 
Whole Leaf Black tea grown in Assam.