Golden Monkey - Yunnan

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1-2 mins.  Golden Colour. Light-Medium Tea. 
This glorious golden tea starts out as tightly rolled leaves. The tea unfolds before your eyes to produce a light tea which is sweet, slightly smoky and utterly gorgeous.
From the master
Golden Monkey is a wonderful tea named after the colour of the water produced once brewed – it stays golden. This tea has a very slight smoky but sweet flavour and is divine enjoyed as a plain black tea. The tea stays a light to just medium strength and is the perfect tea to wean people off adding milk to their tea. This tea is of a very high quality and should be recommended regularly as a wonderful plain black tea. 
Adore Tea also makes Monkey Magic, a Blend of equal parts Golden Monkey and Iron Goddess (Oolong)
These leaves start as small round balls, which gradually unfold to large spindly leaves which grow to fill the entire infuser.