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We use natural flavours to create our divine selection of flavoured green teas, some blends contain pieces of dried fruit or a sprinkling of petals for an intense flavour boost.

Not sure where to start? Why not try our popular Green with Envy or Morning Dew flavoured greens.

Australian Grapefruit

Everything you love about grapefruit in a good old aussie cuppa!

$1.50 - $28.50
China Jasmine

Freshly picked tea still hot from the sun, is layered in between closed jasmine flowers. The flowers open overnight and infuse their heavenly fragrance through the leaves. The result is this sublime, subtle and highly aromatic blend that has quickly become an absolute classic.

$1.50 - $28.50
Earl Grey Green

In this tea the earl gets an oriental make-over. Sweet green tea is infused with zesty bergamot oil to create a fresh, new blend for earl grey lovers.

$1.50 - $25.50
Earl Grey Jasmine

East meets West in this genius cross-continental blend. Classic earl grey black tea blended through china jasmine tea. The earl goes on holiday to the exotic east with this inventive blend.

$1.50 - $25.50
Evening Mist

Indulge in a blossom filled green tea experience. This blend features sunflowers, rose petals and blue cornflowers creating a simply divine aroma.

$1.50 - $25.50
Green with Envy

An enchanting blend of mango, peach & pineapple tossed through both green and black tea and finally sprinkled with marigold, rose, chrysanthemum and sunflower petals. A sweet tea that is brimming with vibrant colour and diverse flavours.

$1.50 - $25.50
Honey Sencha

Chinese green tea has been drenched in sweet honey to create this fabulous blend that oozes yummy goodness.

$1.50 - $25.50
Japan Genmaicha

A unique savoury speciality. A mild Bancha tea is combined with toasted (and popped) brown rice to produce an unusual roasted and slightly nutty flavour.

$1.50 - $25.50
Japanese Lime

This bright, beaming tea has an explosive citrus flavour. Japanese Sencha is infused with lemon and lime peel and sprinkled with pretty daisy blossoms to produce this uplifting citrus inspired tea.

$1.50 - $31.50
Lemon Sencha

Enjoy the heavenly aroma of freshly squeezed lemons as it wafts from your cup of steaming green tea. A zesty and utterly refreshing brew.

$1.50 - $25.50
Lime & Coconut Sencha

Like a tropical island breeze. This green tea is bursting with exotic coconut flavour and has added refreshing zest of lime.

$1.50 - $23.50
Luscious Lychee

Fresh juicy lychees are combined with the sweet earthy flavour of green tea. Make this tea your perfect way to enjoy any afternoon.

$1.50 - $31.50
Mango Sencha

A tropical sensation. The flavour of crushed, juicy mango is here combined with real pieces of exotic pineapple to create a tea brimming with bright, summer sunshine.

$1.50 - $25.50
Morning Dew

A soothing green tea to pull you out of your morning slumber. Infused with sunflowers, chamomile, mallow, rose and calendula you will awake each morning to a fresh floral bouquet.

$1.50 - $25.50
Moroccan Mint

Mint tea is not just a drink in Morocco; it is a sign of hospitality, friendship and tradition. A delicious and refreshing blend of fresh peppermint and mellow green tea. Try brewing traditionally by stirring brown sugar through the brewed tea.

$1.50 - $25.50
Quince Sencha

Standing out proudly from amongst the pack, this tea is a perfectly balanced blend of sharp, sweet quince and delicate green tea. The blend also features bright purple mallow flowers sprinkled amongst the brew, who could resist?

$1.50 - $25.50
Sencha Cactus

Been out in the desert too long? You have found your oasis! Prickly pear and cactus flowers have been added to green tea to create this thirst quenching cuppa.

$1.50 - $25.50
Snow White

To create this exquisite high quality tea only the youngest tea leaves are selected. Most jasmine teas are infused 2-3 times, this tea is scented 10 times. The lengthy infusion process ensures this incredibly fine tea is full of floral flavour. 

$2.50 - $27.50
Soursop Sencha

Light and bright. This unusual green tea flavoured with Soursop is like summer sunshine in a cup. This quirky tropical fruit has a sweet, slightly tangy flavour that will tantalise your taste buds.

$1.50 - $25.50
Strawberries & Cream Sencha

Wimbledon in a cup! The sweet tangy taste of strawberries dipped into heavy full cream with a delightfully refreshing touch of green tea.

$1.50 - $25.50
Sweet & Spiced


Looking for a healthy option but don’t want to miss out on all the flavours and excitement? This blend could do the trick! Enriched with the yummy goodness of turmeric, orange peel, ginger, cinnamon, and subtle notes of honey… this tea leaves you feeling energized and refreshed inside out.



$1.50 - $25.50
Vanilla Sencha

Smooth, velvety vanilla pieces intermingle through mellow green tea to create this indulgently sweet blend.

$1.50 - $25.50
Very Berry Sencha

Bursting with berry flavour. This green tea blend is overflowing with an abundance of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and elderberries. A bright pink flavour filled infusion.

$1.50 - $25.50