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Australian Grapefruit

Everything you love about grapefruit in a good old aussie cuppa!

$0.95 - $28.50
Breakfast Ceylon (OPX)

The large whole leaves of this Ceylon tea give it a hearty, full bodied feel. A medium strength tea that stays on your palette. Can be enjoyed with or without milk.

$0.95 - $19.50
Ceylon Orange Pekoe

A luxurious infusion with an almost oaky flavour and a strong, smooth finish. A highly aromatic tea designed for those who love the classics.

$0.95 - $19.50
Ceylon Orange Pekoe (OP1)

Long, skinny and delicate, the spindly leaves of this tea are enchanting. Brew quickly for a warm, golden liquor that has a full bodied yet slightly sweet taste. Reminiscent of honey, the sweet undertones contribute to a “wholeness” that warms your entire body.

$0.95 - $19.50
Fire Chai

Heat, spice and all things nice! Classic Chai has been given a fiery makeover that’ll blow your mind. Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger are joined by chilli and peppercorns creating a blend that will have you breathing fire.

$0.95 - $19.50
Grand Ceylon (BOP1X)

With an oaky aroma this particular tea is an exciting addition to the Ceylon collection. The initial taste sensation is powerful and comforting on the tongue but, not unlike a summer fling quickly disseminates leaving you longing.

$0.95 - $19.50
Jamala Rooibos

Exclusively hand crafted for Jamala Wildlife Lodge. This adventurous Rooibos blend will have you purring like a lion in no time. A perfect blend of rooibos, sweet raspberry pieces and a twist of lemon, this luxurious addition to our rooibos family is one of a kind.

$0.95 - $23.50

Our take on the classic cocktail. With smooth whiskey, a splash of citrus and just a dash of cherry, let this little number take you to the bustling streets of the city that never sleeps. There is only one way to drink this beauty, shaken not stirred.

$0.95 - $24.50
Organic Ceylon Orange Pekoe

An exquisite, highly aromatic tea with an almost oaky body and subtle sweet undertones. This humble certified organic tea will captivate your senses with every sip.

$0.95 - $23.50
Red Dawn

The naturally sweet South African tea has been taken a step further with the addition of refreshing orange peel and a kick from cinnamon. It is simply a joy to drink this caffeine free tea.

$0.95 - $23.50
Totally Nuts

Spicy cinnamon, flaked almonds and sweet caramel combine in this delicious tea. Warm and comforting this sweet tea is the perfect tea to curl up with on cold winter’s nights.

$0.95 - $19.50