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Green Tea is a sweet, mellow type of tea. The leaves once picked are fixed over high temperatures for 15 minutes.  This can be done with steam or with hot air being blown over the leaves. This ‘Fixation’ destroys the enzymes responsible for oxidation, so the leaves will remain bright green. Dry heat (from pan-frying) creates a more yellow-green colour, whilst using wet heat (from steam) the leaves stay a deeper green and have marine and green plant final flavours. Leaves are then rolled for 20 minutes to an hour either by hand or by machine. The final process is the drying of the leaves which lasts for 20 minutes. 
As the leaf is processed minimally (compared to black tea for example) the leaves remain high in antioxidants and vitamin C and are low in caffeine.
At Adore Tea we brew our green tea on 75 degree water. If water temperature is too high the delicate green leaves will be damaged. We also serve green tea in small glass cups, so once you pour the tea from the pot is stays warm in your hands. Most green tea brews for 1-3 minutes. The colour of the brew is usually a pale green/yellow. The strength of the tea is indicated in the notes.