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Finely chopped Rooibos leaves naturally contain no caffeine or tannins, and unlike other teas will never go bitter.

Rooibos does not come from the same plant as other teas, but rather from the aspalathus linearis plant native to South Africa, where it is known as ‘Red Bush’. 


Jamala Rooibos

Exclusively hand crafted for Jamala Wildlife Lodge. This adventurous Rooibos blend will have you purring like a lion in no time. A perfect blend of rooibos, sweet raspberry pieces and a twist of lemon, this luxurious addition to our rooibos family is one of a kind.

$1.50 - $25.50
Myrtle Magic

A dreamy Rooibos blend with mellow overtones of lemon myrtle and a touch of aniseed.

$1.50 - $25.50
Organic Green Rooibos

If you love the sweet flavour of red rooibos but just want to try something different then this unoxidised green rooibos is just for you. 

$1.50 - $25.50
Organic Rooibos

This South African tea is naturally sweet and will draw you in with its bright red hue. Light and simply a joy to drink this tea will please young and old and has the added benefit of being caffeine free.

$1.50 - $25.50
Red Dawn

The naturally sweet South African tea has been taken a step further with the addition of refreshing orange peel and a kick from cinnamon. It is simply a joy to drink this caffeine free tea.

$1.50 - $25.50
Rooibos Caramel

A luscious mix of rooibos infused with real caramel pieces which melt on your tongue. Savour the creamy texture and sweet aroma of this dessert-like brew.

Warning: Rooibos Caramel Contains Dairy

$1.50 - $25.50
Rooibos Chocolate Truffle

Be seduced by luscious caramel and smooth chocolate. This tea was made for the sweet tooth and is the perfect guilt-free dessert!

Warning: Rooibos Chocolate Truffle Contains Dairy

$1.50 - $25.50
Rooibos Earl Grey

This smooth tea combines mellow rooibos with zesty bergamot to produce a lively sweet citrusy sensation. A must try for Earl Grey lovers.

$1.50 - $25.50
Rooibos Raspberry & Vanilla

A tantalising concoction with the sugary high of sweet rooibos, the tangy bite of fresh raspberries and the velvety smooth elixir of vanilla.

$1.50 - $25.50
Rooibos Vanilla

A relaxed fusion of sweet Rooibos tea with velvety vanilla. A match made in heaven for any sweet-tooth.

$1.50 - $25.50
Sweetie Pie

Reminisce about childhood trips to the lolly shop with this naturally sweet tea. A smooth rooibos base topped with berries and blossoms this tea is a sugar-free treat for the candy loving child within.

$1.50 - $25.50