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Apple & Cinnamon

This wholesome tea with its hearty blend of Chinese black tea, zesty freshness of sweet apples and warmth of spicy cinnamon is just like indulging in a large slice of homemade apple pie.

$0.95 - $19.50
Apricot & Peach

Sweet apricots, juicy peaches and vibrant marigold blossoms combine in this delightful tea. Light and bright, this fruity infusion will fill you with joy with every sip.

$0.95 - $24.50
Australian Breakfast

A delicious blend of Australian grown Daintree tea with a hint of Assam for strength. The perfect home grown cuppa to put a spring in your step for the day.

$0.95 - $23.50
Australian Eucalyptus

Indulge in an authentic Australian experience with this blend of Daintree tea spiked with eucalyptus leaves. Restore your sinuses with this fresh, invigorating tea.

$0.95 - $23.50
Banana Split

It’s the tea with the works – luscious tropical banana smothered in lashings of cream, dreamy chocolate sauce and a delightful nutty undertone. Quite the indulgence.

$0.95 - $19.50
Billy Tea

The quintessential Australian Bush Beverage. Home grown Daintree tea infused with eucalyptus leaves and a strong smoky flavour. Go bush with this terrific Aussie brew.

$0.95 - $23.50