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Brewing loose leaf tea properly produces an exquisite drink.

Compared to brewing from a tea bag the tea leaves are in direct contact with the brewing water.
Brewing loose leaves captures more of the tea’s original flavour and essential oils.

It’s more than an art; it’s a lifestyle!

Tea Brewing Guide with temperatures

general rules

  • Use 1 teaspoon per serve.
  • Warm your cup or teapot.
  • This only takes a minute and really does make a difference.
  • Do not over-boil the water.
  • It drains the water of oxygen.

brew time

Do not brew your tea for too long as over brewing will leave a bitter aftertaste.
Larger leaf teas can be brewed for longer than the small cut leaf.
Brew large leaf teas for 3-5 mins and finer cuts teas between 2-4 mins.

Black teas

That will be served with milk or lemon should be brewed a little longer. 4-5 mins for large leaf and 3-4mins for finer cut teas.

Green Tea

Should be brewed in water that is below boiling point.
Try using 1/4 cold and 3/4 boiling water.
Green Tea can be brewed several times.

White Tea

Should be brewed in water that is below boiling point.
Try using 1/4 cold and 3/4 boiling water.
Can be brewed for up to 10 minutes and brewed several times over.
Each brew reveals a new layer to the tea.

Rooibos Tea

Can be brewed as long as you like without ever going bitter in taste. Unlike other teas there is no tannin

Herbal Tea

Use one teaspoon of herbs for each cup. Add boiling water to plunger/teaball or teapot. Let the herbs infuse for at least 5 minutes to ensure all the goodness is released. Add honey or lemon as desired.

Every individual Adore Tea is labelled with brewing times and recommendations for that tea so that you don’t have to remember these details.

Certain teapots give you an amazing view of your tea leaves steeping!

To whiten, or not to whiten?

It’s all about individual taste. Milk is acceptable in most black teas. It can, however, mask some of the delicate flavours. Milk is recommended in some stronger types of tea to make a delicious golden cup. Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong and Herb Teas will not withstand milk. Rooibos: In South Africa it is more usual to drink rooibos with milk and sugar, but elsewhere it is usually served without. Again, see the label on each individual tea.

To sweeten, or not to sweeten?

Honey is recommended as a sweetener, sugar is also fine in most tea.

Iced Tea?

Fruit Blend Teas are the most recommended for an Iced Infusion, however most teas can be used.

If you have any more questions about tea or the brewing process, don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff! They’ll help you find a tea that you’re sure to love.
Found a tea on our website that you can’t wait to try out? Place an online order now!

It’s more than an art; it’s a lifestyle!

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