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China Jasmine Pyramid Teabags 10 Pack


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Freshly picked tea still hot from the sun, is layered in between closed jasmine flowers. The flowers open overnight and infuse their heavenly fragrance through the leaves. The result is this sublime, subtle and highly aromatic blend that has quickly become an absolute classic.

From the master

30-50kg of jasmine flowers are used to produce 100kgs of green tea. Layers of tea leaves are alternated with layers of freshly picked jasmine flowers and left for 24hours, before the flowers are removed. To make this blend exclusive to Adore Tea we also add further jasmine flowers to the blend after its arrival.

If someone asks you what green tea they have at Chinese restaurants 99% of the time it will be this one. One of our most popular green teas, people recognise the name – like a classic black.


Large leaf Chinese green tea

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