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Darjeeling First Flush



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Known as the champagne of teas, these young tea leaves are picked at the start of the season. The tea trees in this region yield a gorgeously delicate tea that is an absolute delight to drink.

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From the master

Darjeeling is in an area in the state of West Bengal which is at the North East of India in the foothills of the Himalayas. As this is a first flush tea it is very highly prized. The tea leaves are delicate and subtle and very often the dried leaf still contains large amounts of green – this is a sign of a good quality tea.

This tea is very delicate so it really should not be diluted with any form of milk and sugar, as this will mask the incredible flavour.


Whole leaf Darjeeling tea, lots of green still evident.

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2 Cup Sampler ($1.50), 50g ($15.50), 100g ($22.50), 200g ($39.50)

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