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Double Happiness



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Chamomile, amaranth & jasmine double flowering white tea. Beginning as a ball this tea opens like a flower blooming. With outer petals of delicate white tea (silver needles) and double inner blossoms of yellow chamomile flowers, prink globe amaranth, topped with white jasmine. The name translates to ‘Double Happiness’

Flowering White teas are a delicacy. Long white tea leaves – ‘silver needles’ are hand rolled with beautiful combinations of flowers sewn into the middle. What starts as a ball, will open up into a blooming tea. Amazing to watch, these teas are fabulous to share with friends. Brew one at a time in a glass teapot or carafe to watch the spectacle.

White tea is light and leaves you refreshed. The flowers used in each individual ball add the perfect floral touch to the delicate white leaves.

Use 75 degree water temperature to protect the delicate nature of the white tea leaves. You can allow the flowering tea to brew for as long as you want and it can be rebrewed several times.

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