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Jamala Rooibos Pyramid Teabags 10 Pack
Size: 100 gm
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Adore Tea's Award Winning Teas

About Adore Tea

Adore Tea is the unparalleled infusion of a lifetime of passion and a quest for quality. Based in Canberra Australia, we offer our customers a selection of over 150 extraordinary teas, covering 11 different tea categories.

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Adore Tea

At Adore Tea, we love all things tea! With over 150 teas covering 11 different tea categories, Adore Tea is one of Australia’s largest speciality tea boutique companies. Based in Canberra, we first began sharing our love for tea in 2006. And since then have created a strong retail and wholesale customer base and are now a multi-award-winning tea company.
Our teas are fairly sourced from Sri Lanka, China and Australia and many of our teas are organic certified. Our flavoured tea range is made using natural flavours and ingredients to ensure you receive only the best flavours in every sip. We blend and hand-pack our premium quality loose-leaf teas at our warehouse in Mitchell, ACT with utmost care and compassion.

Adore Tea is a small business at heart, and we are passionate about being involved in the community that helped build us. We understand that charitable and philanthropic ideas need support to develop into reality and believe in contributing to their advancement. We regularly partner with organisations that reflect our brand values and communicate them to existing and potential customers in a meaningful way.
We understand that every palate is different and are committed to accommodating every tea drinker with premium quality loose-leaf teas. With outstanding customer service at hand, it is not just our teas that leave you feeling warm and satisfied inside-out but also the experience that comes with them.

Tea Guide

Every Adore tea and blend is truly unique. From Chai to Green Tea and Herbal Blends, our Adore Tea guide will help you discover the enticing properties of our full range of teas.

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Brewing Tips

To truly appreciate Adore Tea’s beautiful teas we recommend following our Brewing Tips for the perfect water temperature and brew times to get the perfect cup every time. You’ll find brewing a great cup of tea can be just as relaxing as drinking one.

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Our Products

French Earl Grey

$5.50 AUD

A divine infusion of earl grey with a sumptuous floral infusion of hibiscus flowers, sunflowers and rose petals. A MUST...

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English Breakfast Supreme

$5.50 AUD

A traditional treat. This stimulating blend of Assam and Ceylon teas has a refined flavour with a smooth finish.   From...

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Earl Grey Premium

$5.50 AUD

The grand old Earl himself. Large leaf Ceylon tea is infused with bergamot to produce a vibrant citrus flavour which...

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Traditional Indian Chai

$5.50 AUD

Take a stroll through an Indian spice market. Starting with a strong base of classic Indian tea, infuse yourself with...

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Canberra Breeze

$5.50 AUD

A sip of this mellow blend of caramel, berries and rose will have you surrounded with a tranquil and amiable...

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Afternoon Bliss

$5.50 AUD

A soothing blend of China & Ceylon teas with subtle hints of vanilla and a creamy finish, this tea is...

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Adore Tea's Award Winning Teas


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